What Makes a Man Attractive?

Originally, I wanted to discuss about sexual harassment and related topics, but I figured my research and knowledge are not enough to dive deep into it. Thus, I decided to work on this draft idea I came up with last year. I know gender is too much of a hot topic to raise up these … Continue reading What Makes a Man Attractive?

Learn to be Okay

Maybe that's why I need you. You soothed my anxiety. You made me feel so calm. The way you talk, the way you present yourself, your entire presence is just so welcoming. I had never been so relaxed with someone for a long time. The way you looked at me when you spoke to me … Continue reading Learn to be Okay

To Someone Who Ever Thinks of Suicide

The beginning of the year started with the remaining suicidal thoughts In time, it has gotten better. Although there were still some breakdown points, yet tolerable enough to make it through until the end. If you ever get hurts so bad to the point of thinking suicide is the only way out, I am so … Continue reading To Someone Who Ever Thinks of Suicide