Society Made Me Do This

I am not one to explain myself because I am too weak to confront people and I am also lazy to bother doing it. That is how I got my reputation I guess because people assume and I do not always know what they think of me in their head. It was the same thing … Continue reading Society Made Me Do This


Hi, my name is Adult. And, this is what I look like. Not sure if you can see me or not, but this is what I prefer. In case, I get bullied or hated again. The sad part is that this is what reality is like. People get judged by their physical appearance and empty … Continue reading OMG, STOP!

Daily Dose​ of Happiness

An evening well-spent. I couldn't decide between the two titles, but I guess I prefer to call it Daily Dose of Happiness more. It was on a weekend if I remembered correctly. My friends and I made a plan together to explore the town with our limit time before the semester ended. One of us … Continue reading Daily Dose​ of Happiness