I missed out a lot of fun time. Concert? Never been to one. I was invited to one, though. Kinda. Never mind, not really. There was also another concert, but a school concert. More like a performance by a school music club. However, from afar, it looked awesome. I meant I wouldn't know since I … Continue reading Firework

Midterm Exam Week

Being a college student is neither stressful nor fun. It is just a part of life for some of us fortunate kids whose family is able to provide such support for high education. Well, it is possible not every teen our age are in school as they may drop out and pursue something else they … Continue reading Midterm Exam Week

Daily Dose​ of Happiness

An evening well-spent. I couldn't decide between the two titles, but I guess I prefer to call it Daily Dose of Happiness more. It was on a weekend if I remembered correctly. My friends and I made a plan together to explore the town with our limit time before the semester ended. One of us … Continue reading Daily Dose​ of Happiness