More than Meet the Eyes

You may be thinking you know a lot about someone because they constantly post their life on their social media handles on a daily basis, but little did you know there are a lot of things we don't tell you. People write about their opinions, lifestyle, short stories, and about what had happened to them … Continue reading More than Meet the Eyes

To Someone Who Ever Thinks of Suicide

The beginning of the year started with the remaining suicidal thoughts In time, it has gotten better. Although there were still some breakdown points, yet tolerable enough to make it through until the end. If you ever get hurts so bad to the point of thinking suicide is the only way out, I am so … Continue reading To Someone Who Ever Thinks of Suicide

Things to Consider During Pandemic Outbreak

I am certain many of you are already aware of the Coronavirus that has only been getting worse each day. It is normal to be worried about such unpredictable outcomes, but there are a few things that I do not think will contribute any help during such an event. Like I said before, it is … Continue reading Things to Consider During Pandemic Outbreak