My Current Favorite Drama

It has been a rough year for everyone right now, but on the bright side, we have more free time to do things we love. I am guilty to say that I have binge-watching shows like crazy. Therefore, here are some of my top favorite dramas at the moment and probably forever. (I mostly watch Chinese dramas, so I apologize if it’s not something you’d indulge in.)

  1. The Eternal Love


I will try not to spoil anything. This show is about a modern girl who travelled to another dimension and found herself in a historical universe sharing the same body with another female from that time period. The female she shares the same body with is the 2nd lady of a respectful household who is ordered by the King to marry as the 8th Princess Consort to the 8th Prince of that Kingdom. I know it sounds cheesy and unrealistic, but trust me you’ll be addicting to this show real fast.

2. The Eternal Love 2


Oh yes boy, if we’re in for season 1, you’re gonna continue until the end because like I told you that this show is a masterpiece. However, I’m gonna turn it down a notch as I think it is not as good as season 1. Don’t get me wrong here, I love season 2; I do think it is an amazing drama. It is just that I personally love the main lead himself, Xing Zhao Lin, whom I’d describe as a narcissistic and domineering prince in this series. It’s natural that he will get softer since he is already falling head over heels for the female lead after season 1, so I guess I just love the courting part. You’ll understand what I mean when you hop onto the 2nd season. (Hint: I feel so bad for the 8th Prince. He looks so lonely.)

3. The Romance of Tiger and Rose


This is almost like a toned-down version of The Eternal Love. It is also about a girl travelled to another universe. As oppossed to The Eternal Love in which the female lead just happens to be sucked to another world for some reason; in this series, the heroine is a screenwriter who fell asleep and travelled into her own script. I am in love with this show because the two main leads have so much chemistry together. They act so well together and just carry this romance drama to the end. You cannot get enough of these two onscreen lovebirds. The story flows well. It is not rushing. They have just the right amount of episode that is not overwhelming. Very good plot although you can already tell that it won’t be tragic at any point. Though, that’s what I love. I love things with happy ending. I can’t handle agony, man.

Fun Fact: There was one accidental kiss while filming which was not in the script at all. Yet, the director thought it was too good to cut out, so they kept it in. If you watch the show, can you guess which scene looks too real to be an act? 😀

I tried my best not to spoil anything because this is not a review. I’m sorry if it’s not convincing enough for you to watch the show. I legit wrote this in one go. This is like a first draft submitting for final grade. I am obsessed with these shows and want to share them with the world. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading! I will not link any site to watch all of these, which sounds stupid, I just do not know where I can watch them legally. I think it’s probably the official site like WeTV, but I’m not sure how much you have to pay. There’s a lot of thing I have zero clue on about technology and media. Talk to you next time when I am wiser.

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