What Makes a Man Attractive?

Originally, I wanted to discuss about sexual harassment and related topics, but I figured my research and knowledge are not enough to dive deep into it. Thus, I decided to work on this draft idea I came up with last year.

I know gender is too much of a hot topic to raise up these days, but let us focus on this small area I would like to share with you for now, alright? From the eyes of a straight female whose heart skips a beat while watching a cute scene of Korean and Chinese drama, I saw that there are little things that men do that you can’t help, but feels flutter. The fantasy world that is executed perfectly on film by very talented actors and actresses; Without wasting any more moment, here are a few things I, as a girl, admire in a man.

Table Manner

When he knows how to dine; I have seen this both in movies and in real life. When a guy doesn’t chew with his mouth opened, it’s a plus. He doesn’t munch loudly and spill food everywhere. I know this goes for all genders, but I can’t stand anyone eating messy. Like really messy. I am a clumsy person, but I also know it’s unattractive to have food spitting out of my mouth. Your mother or your guardian teaches you how to eat since you were an infant, so how did you fail that simple task? Oh and one more thing is when a guy helps cutting your food into bite size pieces. Oh my god! My heart melts like a butter on a hot pan. Can we please take a moment to appreciate that little action? No sister, it doesn’t happen in a Chinese drama only. I’m telling you this is a real life thing as well if you are on a date with the right person who cares about you enough. I am not sharing any story, but trust me on this one. Petition to bring chivalry back on trend, please! The last thing I want to add randomly under this section is of course, when a guy is being polite to the waiters and waitresses. This goes without saying.


This is jut my personal preference, but let’s be honest here, we love someone who is smart or at least willing to learn new things. Can you imagine being with someone who is not opened to indulge in new topic and activity? He or she is living in his own bubble all the time without a care about the world? Are you certain you want to be with someone like that? I don’t mind if a man is not a reader. Heck, even I sometimes am too lazy to pick up a book even though I love reading, but when I come across an interesting topic, I will spend hours on the Internet to know more about a mind palace (referencing Sherlock Holmes because I was like what, is there such thing as a mind palace, like for real?!). A man doesn’t have a be a huge nerd to be knowledgable, but if someone is willing to go extra miles to learn new things either because he wants to help you with your assignment or because he finds something intriguing that he wants to explore and understand more to expand his horizons, that is very charming. Someone who likes to seek new idea, listen to others with an open mind, and accept his shortcoming is definitely going to get far in life.


Let’s end this with something light. Question! Do you guys know Jess and Gabriel Conte? If not, why not give their vlog a try? People will only show their positive moment on the Internet, but try not to focus on that for a moment. We haven’t talked about chivalry much on the above, so time to dig a little deeper here. Little act of kindness is enchanted. For example, in most vlogs, Gabriel usually opens a car door for Jess. That is adorable. Don’t come and mention feminism, independent or whatever. Jess can do it herself, but Gabriel cares enough to offer and open the door for her. A man who pulls the chair back for you a bit to let you just sit down at the table; someone who switches side with you, so he can walk near the side of the road to protect you from possible harms; a person who open the door for you when entering a restaurant or a mall; I could go on for days, but it is this kind of random gesture is what contributes to the attractivness of a man or a person in general.

Overall, what makes a man attractive? When he is a decent human being. A kind and respectful person. A genuine soul. All you have to do to be enticing is to be a good person. Not only towards someone you love, but to everybody. It is easy to treat everyone with kindness. The world needs more loving souls to heal the wound that caused by anger, hatred, and jealousy.

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